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California Deer Hunting

California Deer Hunting

California Mule Deer Hunting

California Mule Deer Hunting

Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) can be found throughout California in fact the state has six subspecies of mule deer, at SC2 Outdoors we primarily focus on the mule deer of northeastern California high deserts, the Rocky Mountain Mule Deer. These are the largest of the California Mule Deer in both body and in antler mass. While California is not known to be high on a non-residents list of destinations for out of state mule deer hunting, it can and does produce noteworthy mule deer bucks annually.

Our California Mule Deer hunts are currently conducted on the public lands of northeastern California. We are in the process of securing private land leases and will post information as it becomes available.

SC2 Outdoors Mule Deer Muzzleloader Hunts

M-3     Doyle Muzzleloading Rifle Buck Hunt
M-5     East Lassen Muzzleloading Rifle Buck Hunt
M-8     Bass Hill Muzzleloading Rifle Buck Hunt
M-9     Devil's Garden Muzzleloading Rifle Buck Hunt

SC2 Outdoors Mule Deer Special Archery Hunts

A-26    Bass Hill Archery Buck Hunt
A-27    Devil's Garden Archery Buck Hunt

SC2 Outdoors Mule Deer General X Zone Hunts

X1, X3A, X3B, X5A, X5B
California Columbian Blacktail Deer Hunting

California Columbian Blacktail Deer Hunting

Blacktail Deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus), this is the deer of California, we have tremendous black-tails in California a mature trophy black-tail is something to behold. While numerous incredible bucks come from all over California annually, this is where the private land hunting really does outshine the public opportunity on all but the “Special Hunts” in California. Our Juniors or Apprentice hunters in California have it by far the best when it comes to public land black-tail hunting.

Junior (Apprentice) Hunts

J3 - Tehama Wildlife Area Apprentice Buck Hunt
  • In our opinion J3 is the best blacktail hunt in the state for a junior, it is not easy but it is spectacular
J4 - Shasta-Trinity Apprentice Buck Hunt
  • While J4 can still produce a monster black-tail the hunt has diminished from it glory days 10-12 years ago, however it is still a great hunt for a junior.

It is extremely important to keep our youth involved in hunting and the protection of our hunting heritage. Feel free to contact us if you have a junior whom has drawn either of these hunts, we have a lot of experience on these hunts, and we’d love to share.

Private Land Hunts

B Zone Private Ranch Blacktail Hunting
  • 2018 (Pending)
C Zone Private Ranch Blacktail Hunting
  • 2018 PLM (SOLD OUT)
  • 2018 General (SOLD OUT)

SC2 Outdoors is always looking to acquire private land leases for “pure” blacktails, the A and B Zone bucks that will qualify for Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young Record Books. We have recently acquired a historically great C Zone ranch. We are aggressively managing it for Trophy Blacktails. These bucks are on the wrong side of Interstate 5 for the record books, but don't hold that against them, we will be producing huge C Zone Blacktails in short order.

Public Land Hunts

When it comes to public land black-tail, we do not offer guiding services. While we will hunt public land blacktails ourselves, we cannot justify the low success rate on mature bucks to guide these hunts. These zones have rough conditions and an extreme amount of hunting pressure, there are just too many conditions and situations we cannot control or manage, and because of that we feel that we would not be able to significantly improve or maximize your advantage in harvesting a mature buck on the general zone public land hunts.

All our deer hunt packages are completely customized based on our hunter’s time frames and hunt drawn; if you have drawn a tag please feel free to give us a call to discuss how we may assist. If you are looking for a private land hunt, please feel free to contact us to be put on our call list as we put the hunts together.

The SC2 Outdoors California Blacktail Deer Gallery

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