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SC2 Outdoors | Information

SC2 Outdoors | Information

Information on Hunting & Fishing California With SC2 Outdoors

The Sacramento valley and foothills usually consist of rolling oak studded hills, elusive blacktails, wild hogs and thunderous gobbling by spring wild turkeys. The north eastern high desert can at anytime produce a monster muley or a B&C class pronghorn antelope. Desert Bighorn Sheep can be found living in isolated pockets in the southern part of the state. California is home to three sub-species of elk, Rocky Mountain, Roosevelt or Tule.

Fishing abounds throughout Northern California, . The Sacramento River carves it's namesake valley and provides king salmon, striper, sturgeon, shad, bass and year round trout fishing. While the many lakes such as Shasta, Whiskeytown, Trinity, Eagle Lake, and Almanor all provide excellent fishing at different times of the year. We are fortunate to live and work in such a magnificent place.

While our goal is always to put you on numerous fish and provide you a chance to take a trophy class animal, our job is to insure that you get maximum enjoyment out of your hunting or fishing adventure. SC2 Outdoors specializes in particular types of hunts and fishing trips throughout the state and by doing so we feel we can provide you exactly what we promise.

SC2 Outdoors limits the number of hunting and fishing trips we schedule annually, this is to insure that we have enough time to dedicate the resources necessary and to give our clients and their trips the attention they require and deserve.

While we at SC2 Outdoors are looking to establish our place amongst the best California has to offer in the way of hunting and fishing, we are committed to a quality experience. We have no interest in quantity if it sacrifices the quality of what we offer. The best compliment you can provide us is a recommendation. Our goal is to grow through the recommendations made by our clients and our private land partners. You will find our business philosophy is deeply rooted in honesty and integrity in everything we do and every agreement or contract we make.

We are not only responsible for our commitments to our hunting and fishing clients, it would be unjust not to hold ourselves accountable to the proper management and supervision of the very fish and game we pursue.

We want to provide the best possible experience on all levels, for our clients and our private landowners.

Please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email, with any questions or information you may have regarding our services, our rates or any tag you may have drawn or fishing trip you are interested in.

Thank you for visiting our website and we wish you the best on your next outdoor adventure.

SC2 Outdoors in Wheeler County, Oregon

Shawn & Shelley Chittim

SC Squared Outdoors aka SC2 Outdoors