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California Trophy Black Bear Hunting

California Trophy Black Bear Hunting

The California Black Bear (ursus americanus) is at record high populations, with the departure of hound hunting our black bear population is rising and quickly. According to CDFW they estimated the population in 1982 was between 10,000-15,000 bears, they are now conservatively estimating the statewide population to be 25,000-30,000 black bears.

While our California Houndsmen were extremely effective at harvesting bears, the elimination of hound hunting saw a dramatic drop in the annual harvest.  We had hoped that CDFW would institute a spring bear season but that may never happen.  Which leaves the majority of our annual harvest reliant on incidental take by hunters pursuing other game such as deer.  The result is that we have more bears roaming the state.

California Fall Black Bear Hunting

Spot & Stalk Black Bear Hunting

We offer Spot and Stalk Black Bear hunting for big valley bears.  While you won’t have the haunting echoes of a baying hound or the sharp chops of a treeing hound, it is still an adrenaline rush when you pick out a monster bruin in your glass.  If you're still interested in California Black Bear hunting, contact us.  SC2 Outdoors has some incredible opportunities for taking a low land Trophy Black Bear.  Spot and stalk bear hunting is a great way to still enjoy bear hunting in Northern California.

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