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Northeastern Oregon Deer & Elk Hunting Available for 2018

Northeastern Oregon Deer & Elk Hunting Available for 2018

July 07, 2018 by

Bowerman Ranch Hunting 2018

As the last of the western states draw results post for the 2018 hunting season we still have a few hunts available on the Bowerman Ranch in Northeastern Oregon.  We have both transferable landowner tags and you can still pick up an over the counter archery elk tag or spike elk rifle tag.  This is a newly acquired lease to SC2 Outdoors wherein we partnered with Sarvis Prairie Outfitters to conduct these hunts on the Bowerman Ranch.  The ranch is going to hunt in 2 pieces the "Valley" & the "Divide".  If you are still in need of a hunt give us a call, this may just be a perfect fit.

Archery Elk Hunting (7 Days Non-Guided)

The ranch is going to be "off the hook" for Rocky Mountain Elk during the archery season.  We just got back from setting trail cameras and not only did we see a ton of elk, the ground is perfect for archery hunting.  It is a little steep, so I would recommend being in shape, when you need to move in and set up on that screaming bull.  However, there is a great network of roads that crisscross the ranch offering easy access and easy retrieval for that bull.  We are super excited about how we feel this ranch will hunt during the archery season.  We currently have dates available for all but the last week of the season.

Rifle Deer Hunting (5 Days Guided)

We will be hunting both whitetail and mule deer as your tag will allow you to take 1 deer of either species.  These hunts will be 5 days guided with food, lodging and 2 hunters per guide.  The terrain varies greatly between the two pieces of the ranch we expect long stalks and some long shooting but we expect some great hunting.  We are hoping to produce Whitetail bucks in the 150's and Mule Deer bucks in the 160's to 170's.  If your interested this hunt will take place September 29th through October 3rd, 2018.  If you are still looking for a western deer hunt this fall give us a call.

Rifle Bull Elk Hunting (5 Days Guided)

We will be hunting Rocky Mountain Elk only branch antlered bulls, during the 1st Controlled Hunt Season.  This hunt falls fairly early and we should experience some residual bugling as the rut will have just finished.  We do not expect this to be an easy hunt but we are expecting a great success rate for our clients on bulls in the 270-320 class.  The area is known to produce bigger bulls but we want to have a realistic approach.  Although, if a client gets lucky and we put a 340+ bull on the ground we will all be happy.  We'll be hunting fields, open country and the timber country in search of a great Rocky for our clients.  These hunts will be 5 days guided with food, lodging and 2 hunters per guide and will take place October 24th - 28th, 2018.

Rifle Cow Elk Hunting (3 Days Non-Guided)

These are the meat hunts of the year, for Rocky Mountain Elk, we have cow elk tags available for 4 hunters.  These antlerless elk hunts will take place between November 17th - 25th, 2018. This is a great hunt for those just looking to hunt private ground and fill the freezer. 

Book Now

If you are like us who put in for 7 western states and failed to pull anything but a general tag and are still looking for a quality hunt this fall.  Give us a call or drop us an email, we'll be happy to go over any of these hunts in great detail and answer any questions that you may have.  We like to build a gallery of our fishing and hunting clients as well as for each of our ranches, you can check out our Bowerman Ranch Photo Gallery, we will continue to add to it.  If it's a good fit for you, we'll be happy to book you now.  

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