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Bowerman Ranch | Wallowa County, Oregon

Bowerman Ranch | Wallowa County, Oregon


Bowerman Ranch

The Bowerman Ranch in Wallowa County, Oregon is an absolutely stunning ranch in Northeastern portion of the state.  This is a family owned ranch that has been passed down from generation to generation.  Currently the family is managing the ranch for farming, ranching and logging.  While looking to protect and preserve the ranch for future generations and continuing to pass the land on to the future generations.

The Bowerman Ranch is 4,870+/- acres in its entirety, located over two completely separate boundaries referred to as "The Valley" and "The Divide".  This gives this ranch a unique topographical and habitat profile, which offers a diversified opportunity for hunting Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Black Bear, Wild Turkey and Chukar. 

The Valley is 1,368+/- acres backs up to the Eagle Cap Wilderness part of the Wallowa–Whitman National Forest.  Sitting in the shadow of Mount Joseph The Valley portion of the Bowerman Ranch has agricultural fields which transition into steep dark timber faces that are actively logged under a forestry management plan.  The Valley is in the ODFW Minam Unit 60, which is home to Oregon's largest elk herds.  The Valley should offer excellent Rocky Mountain Elk and Whitetail Deer hunting.  We expect that occasionally we will take some impressive Mule Deer from The Valley on any given year.

The Divide is 3,502+/- acres and your typical northeastern Oregon rangeland covered in cheat grass and low sage hills with some timber pockets and plenty of spring and water.  The Divide is a well-known winter range for an area elk herd of 800-1200 elk.  This is your typical northeastern Oregon Mule Deer country and should produce opportunity for good to great bucks.  While you won't come across many whitetails on The Divide if you do it could be a monster western whitetail.  The Divide is in the ODFW Imnaha Unit 61.  The Divide is open country a direct contrast to the agricultural timber ground found on The Valley.   

SC2 Outdoors is very pleased to be partnering with Sarvis Prairie Outfitters on the wildlife management and hunting on the Bowerman Ranch.  This will be a collaborated effort between Bryce and Peggy Logan of Sarvis Prairie Outfitters with Shelley and I at SC2 Outdoors to ensure that we are offering our clients a great hunting opportunity in northeastern Oregon.

Bowerman Ranch Elk Hunting

Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting

The Bowerman Ranch will offer several opportunities to harvest Rocky Mountain Elk as we establish our elk management plan.  Our bull elk hunting will be extremely limited as we are always looking to harvest the very best bulls on our managed ranches.  This ranch on average will produce bulls in the 280"-320" class, however it has potential for producing much larger bulls in the 350"-370"+ class.  We have Landowner Preference Tags available annually for our hunters who do not draw, so we do have guaranteed tags for our bull and cow hunting.

If you are interested in hunting elk please feel free to CONTACT US directly regarding the Bowerman Ranch Elk Hunting Opportunities.

Bowerman Ranch Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer have long called northeastern Oregon home and the Bowerman Ranch has a large population of Whitetail especially on The Valley.  We will be offering limited hunting opportunity for these Oregon Whitetails.  We expect on average the bucks to be in the 150"-160" class, however due to the excellent habitat on the Bowerman Ranch, we won't be surprised when we put a 170"+ buck on the ground.  

We have a very limited number of Land Owner Preference transferrable tags to hunt deer on this ranch.  If you are interested in a western Whitetail give us a call for more information on our Oregon Whitetail deer hunting.

Bowerman Ranch Mule Deer Hunting

Mule Deer Hunting

Eastern Oregon is known for better than average Mule Deer hunting, we are expecting the Mule Deer hunting on the Bowerman Ranch to be impressive.  Our goal is always to produce a quality hunting experience and do everything possible to put our clients in position to be successful.  We are very excited about this Oregon Mule Deer hunt.

This country is known to produce some real monster Mule Deer bucks.  We are expecting to harvest bucks with a spread of 22"-26" and be in the 155"-170" class.  While we know that 200" monsters have been taken in the area, we are hoping that through selective and limited harvest, it could be any given year that one of our clients punch his tag on such a rare Muley.  We do have transferable Land Owner Preference tags available for our clients whom either didn't draw or missed the draw.